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What’s Happening in Scaling & Impact Investing

The Skoll World Forum was inspiring once again this year and we had a great time catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. If you missed this year’s Forum, watch the recap below:

While at the Forum, Duke had the opportunity to preview our upcoming case study series Scaling Pathways. Working together with the Innovation Investment Alliance, the series explores the work of three social enterprises, lessons they’ve learned as they scaled their impact, and what others can take away from those lessons. If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for our May 11th launch webinar!

Cathy Clark also took part in a spirited debate on impact investing during the Forum on the question asking “Has Impact Investing Been Inflated?” From market rate return expectations and how to best assess impact, a lot of ground was covered during the debate. Watch her session here:

Back home, there’s a lot of exciting work happening. Read below about the results of our pilot study with SOCAP, lessons on hiring talent for social ventures, unique investment opportunities in Latin America, and tips from Fuqua Leader of Consequence winner Tom Mitchell.


What Does it Take to Scale Impact?

Dive into this question at the webinar launch of Scaling Pathways on May 11. This series distills critical lessons learned from social enterprises that cut across geographies and sectors and provides information vital to enterprises and funders trying to unlock impact at scale.

Learn more and register →


Check out the pilot study we did with SOCAP on our capital raising online learning modules

Smart Impact Capital: Online Tools for Entrepreneurs

What happened when a group of SOCAP entrepreneurs use our new online modules to develop a capital raising strategy? 95% of these entrepreneurs reported improvement in their overall ability to raise investment capital! See what else entrepreneurs had to say about Smart Impact Capital.

See how we’re preparing SocEnts for capital raising →


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