Veterans Fire Crew

Moving to a New Branch of Defense

Help military veterans continue to serve their country. NCSI is working with a highly successful program in need of funding to implement a Veteran’s Fire Crew program. Fire crews require the leadership, teamwork, coordination, and skills veterans have acquired in the military so that they can provide highly effective and responsive fire-fighting operations. Forest fire fighting services are vital to the safety and health of our nation’s lands, parks, and communities. wildland firefighters.

The program will train and deploy a national team consisting of 12 veterans in the Central Southern United States. The team will become a self-sustained Veteran Fire Crew company.

You may wonder what exactly a Fire Crew member does.  It’s a dangerous job that requires excellent communications, teamwork, decision making, and a commitment to service. Perfect for military veterans.

Here’s what a Fire Crew Member does:

  1. Carries out initial action fire-fighting duties on forest fires. This includes traveling to a fire as quickly as possible by aircraft, vehicle, boat or foot. A fire crew member works in conjunction with water bombers, helicopters, bulldozers, and other fire crews. They often use burn-out equipment such as drip torches and fuses
  2. Fire Crew Members alert other crew members of possible safety hazards such as falling trees, fire blow-ups, retardant, or water drops. They adjust work plans to meet unanticipated events such as wind shifts, equipment failures, and changes in technique.
  3. Crew members are also called upon to repair fences, cut brush around camps, fire towers, roadways and stations.
  4. Crew chiefs have the added leadership responsibility to inform and coordinate the crew for their assignment and method of attack and work.


Fire Crew Member have a physically strenuous and demanding job. He/she will have to fight fires and face life threatening situations. He/she will be stationed in camps for long periods of time. He/she will be lifting, pulling and managing heavy equipment and objects. The Fire Crew Member will have to work in all weather, and must be prepared for both extreme heat and cold. As the Fire Crew Member is handling potentially dangerous materials, he/she must ensure that all activities are completed in a safe and efficient way to eliminate the possibility of contamination of themselves or others.

Fire Crew Members may be exposed to unpleasant sights and smells. He/she may at times be exposed to dangerous and/or toxic substances and must take necessary precautions to protect eyes, nose and skin from irritation and infection.

Fire Crew Members must face possibly life-threatening situations and is responsible for the lives of crewmembers, which may cause mental and emotional stress at very high levels.

I Can Help

Funding Needed:
Year 1: $450K
Year 2: $200K
Year 3+: $0 (Self-Sustaining)

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