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JANUARY 10, 2017

A smartwatch app to help veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) sleep at night. An app enabled with artificial intelligence that describes objects for the blind in real time. An app to help disadvantaged students find college scholarships. An online sharing network helping the homeless.

Those are among four of the 100 projects recognized in the 2016 Nominet Trust 100, the “most inspiring social innovations using digital technology to drive social change around the world.” Some 34 projects were based in the United States, running the total to 156 U.S.-based projects – more than one-third – recognized since the inception of the NT100 in 2013.

Judges considered more than 700 projects from around the world for the 2016 NT100, which is compiled by Nominet Trust, a tech for good funder in the United Kingdom. It provides full grant funding, mentoring, and business support to organizations using the Internet and digital technology to address significant social challenges including health and well-being, economic empowerment, and sustainability. Among others recognized this year are a race-, age- and gender-blind app that matches employers with job applications based on education and skills and an online portal that connects the trans community with health providers.

Nominet Trust has invested more than £25 million in projects harnessing technology to deliver social change since 2009. It was founded in 2008 by Nominet, a public benefit company with 20 years’ experience running the (dot)UK Internet infrastructure.

“It is truly inspiring to see so many remarkable people from all walks of life embracing digital technology as a force for social good,” said Vicki Hearn, director of Nominet Trust. “As so many of the projects we selected in 2016 go to show, with an idea, the right tech tools and a powerful desire to change the status quo, many more of us can now make a stand against the world’s most pressing challenges,” she said.

The Nominet Trust 100 celebrates the people and organisations who are using digital technology to change the world for the better. Each year, it brings together 100 of the world’s most inspiring examples of social innovation, where digital technologies have been used to tackle a significant social challenge.

The NT100 aims to:

  • Celebrate how much is being done by social innovators to tackle real social challenges, often under the radar.
  • Learn from what has driven these social tech entrepreneurs and provide insights into what makes it possible for a social tech venture to have an impact at scale.
  • Inspire others to follow in their steps, to raise the ambitions of social innovators using technology, and accelerate the use of digital technology as a tool for significant social change.

The complete 2016 NT100 can be found at

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