The Teachers Guild – nationwide creative force in education – Releases Impact Report

The Teachers Guild believes that teachers are the innovators that education has been waiting for. In the next three years, they will bring teachers together to solve 30 of the biggest challenges in education. Every teacher has an inner designer, and we use design thinking to create better solutions.The Teachers Guild is a national creative force in education.

A partnership initiative of IDEO’s Design for Learning Studio and PLUSSED at Riverdale Country School in the Bronx, NY has achieved much. In their first year and a half, they’ve learned so much about the power of creativity in the classroom and seen just how far our teachers are willing to go to bring radical collaboration and student-centered solutions to our schools. Their first 18 months have been filled with countless joyful moments, both memorable (introducing teachers to former First Lady Michelle Obama) and meaningful (embarking on an empathy campaign with teachers and their students).

Skyler Rossacci, a Teachers Guild member who leads strategic initiatives for Spring Branch Independent School District, captured the spirit of our community when she said: “The Guild created a culture of empowerment and encouraged risk-taking [in our district]. Teachers who didn’t think they could make change now know that they can.”

To hear more about the Spring Branch journey, and to meet other remarkable educators who are creating change in education, check out The Teachers Guild Impact Report.

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