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Toxic Masculinity Has Plagued Black Men Deeply, Down to the Details of What They Wear

The latest fashion trend, the romper for men—or as it's affectionately called, the “romphim”—has received mixed feedback on social media. Many find fashion flashbacks like this strange, but within a man's choice to wear. But for others, romphims serve as a reminder of the increasing feminization of male fashion, a view particularly common among black men. As expected, social media wasted no time creating memes bashing men [...]

How DigitalUndivided Builds Confident Black and Latina Women Entrepreneurs

This blog post is a continuation of the series “Closing the Racial Gaps: Together We Can” which highlights efforts across the United States that show promise for closing racial opportunity gaps and creating a more equitable future. “Solving the problems of poverty in American cities requires us to support visionary, entrepreneurial women and people of color.” (Henderson, Living Cities, 2016) digitalundivided (DID), an Atlanta-based social [...]

6 Ways Design Justice Benefits New Orleans

6 Ways Design Justice Benefits New Orleans byHeidi Travis on Wednesday, Mar 22nd, 2017 At a SXSW presentation on Design Justice, a perfectly-placed ‘Everybody vs. Injustice’ hat. By Heidi Travis More than 60 percent of the total population of New Orleans is African American. Twenty-seven percent of its citizens live below the poverty line. Though public monuments and spaces representing the history of oppression remain throughout the city, many [...]

Google Gives $11.5 Million to Reform the Criminal Justice System

by Gina-Marie Cheeseman on Tuesday, Feb 28th, 2017 Corporate Responsibility The U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the world. Although African Americans are only 13 percent of the U.S. population, they make up 40 percent of America’s prisoners. African American men are incarcerated at over five times the rate of white men. Google believes it can help be part of the solution. The company plans [...]

21 Striking Photos Of Black Millennials Who Declare ‘We, Too, Are America’

This Black History Month, HuffPost Black Voices is declaring “We, Too, Are America” and we held an event in Harlem on Monday to acknowledge and celebrate this theme. While black history is something we acknowledge all the time on HuffPost Black Voices, February is a time for us to double down on this mission and further amplify the experiences of black men and women who have [...]