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This Organization Wants to Create A Thousand Bernie Sanders. Here’s How. |

THE BERNIE TRIBE For the tens of thousands of people who poured their sweat and tears into the Bernie Sanders campaign, the last year has been a woeful one. Sanders was tantalizingly close to winning the Democratic presidential primary, despite having the establishment stacked against him. And then what many of those people said during the primary came true: while Bernie could have beaten Trump, [...]

Universal Health Care Can Work: But the Case Must Be Made for How to Pay and How Money Will Be Saved

There's an opening in Congress with the GOP's health failures and tax reform looming. Progressives are riled up with renewed seize-the-day determination to turn Congress’ failure to gut Obamacare and Medicaid into a push for nationwide universal health care. “JOIN THE MOVEMENT,” shouted a typical email blast Monday from the Progressive Turnout Project, quoting Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, and, of course, asking for donations. [...]

The Pro-Charter Billionaires Vs. Bernie and the Progressives in the Priciest School Board Race in U.S. History

In Tuesday’s LA election, the Walton family, Michael Bloomberg, and Eli Broad are on one side; parents, teachers and Bernie Sanders are on the other. Just 20 percent of eligible Los Angeles voters turned out to the polls on March 7 to vote for their city’s next mayor and school board officials, and turnout is likely to be even lower for Tuesday’s school board runoffs. And yet, [...]