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Protecting North American Pollinators: Companies at Work

We depend on pollinators like bees and other insects more than we realize. They help pollinate almost 75 percent of our crops, including most fruits and vegetables. Without them, we would have little to eat. Pollination by US honey bees in 2010 contributed to more than $19 billion worth of crops, and pollination by other insect pollinators contributed to almost $10 billion of crops the [...]

General Mills Steps in Hornet’s Nest with Seed Giveaway

Bring Back the Bees, says General Mills. Earlier this month, General Mills launched a campaign with its Cheerios brand to give away wildflower seeds to anyone who requested them. The goal, according to the breakfast foods giant, was to disperse 1.5 billion seeds with the hope that 200 million flowers would bloom in consumers’ backyards. Company representatives even gave away seed packets on the streets [...]