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Smart city: using technology to tackle traffic and social isolation

One of the Resilient Melbourne Citymart Challenge ideas makes it easier for parents to ask other parents for help juggling transport requirements. Photograph: Alamy Traffic congestion and social isolation are two concepts that don’t immediately appear to be connected. But in 2012, the Grattan Institute’s Social Cities report drew a direct line between inefficient urban transport and less time spent with friends and family. One [...]

Blackout parties: how solar and storage made WA farmers the most popular in town

One of Rodney Locke’s solar and storage systems in Western Australia. Since he fitted his property out with renewable energy, friends without it pop round during electricity blackouts. Photograph: Brett Whisson Along the remote southern coastline of Western Australia, the locals have cottoned on to a new, surefire way to keep their beer cold. The energy grid around Esperance and Ravensthorpe is unreliable at the [...]

Primary funding: the social enterprise turning profit into pencils for schoolchildren

Restocking the stationery cupboard is right up there on the list of dull office tasks but the social enterprise Yoobi promises to increase the feel-good factor by matching each item bought with a donation to an underprivileged schoolchild. Indeed one of the features of social enterprise – businesses that exist for a social purpose – is that they create funding and resources to help to [...]