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Universal, Government-Sponsored Health Care Is What Americans Really Want

Photo Credit: Rena Schild / If the Republicans manage to replace Obamacare, 26 million Americans will lose health insurance. Enthusiasm for socialised healthcare is suddenly sweeping through the American political landscape, which means the lack of universal care (something that has long made the US an outlier among wealthy nations) may be ending. Healthcare is a matter of right in every other [...]

It’s the Wealth Gap, Stupid: Inequality Drives ‘Economic Anxiety’—Both Real and Perceived

Salon talks to the social psychologist author of "The Broken Ladder" about why both sides think somebody’s cheating. One of the most prominent story types of 2016 election coverage involved dropping in on Southern and Rust Belt communities that supported Donald Trump and probing the people and their towns for answers. The economic “anxiety” of the white working class emerged as an explanation for why an ill-tempered real estate magnate had [...]