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Philadelphia Story: An Ambitious Campaign to Spread Opportunity Into All Corners of the City

Here's a proven alternative to the gentrification of American cities. For decades the “Philadelphia Story” was about steady economic decline. That story is being rewritten today as many Americans rediscover the advantages of cities—inviting public spaces, rich cultural diversity and a creative environment that fertilizes start-ups and attracts talent. Young people, in particular, have moved here in droves, realizing they can enjoy the same kind [...]

Research Shows That Assistance to the Poor Is Negatively Skewed to Race and Location

More holes in the safety net if Trump's budget cuts are enacted. It has been well-documented that America’s social safety net is often too weak and full of holes to help those who most need assistance. A new report reveals even more weaknesses with the government’s cash assistance program. Conducted by the Urban Institute, a think tank focusing on economic and social policy, the study [...]

Toxic Masculinity Has Plagued Black Men Deeply, Down to the Details of What They Wear

The latest fashion trend, the romper for men—or as it's affectionately called, the “romphim”—has received mixed feedback on social media. Many find fashion flashbacks like this strange, but within a man's choice to wear. But for others, romphims serve as a reminder of the increasing feminization of male fashion, a view particularly common among black men. As expected, social media wasted no time creating memes bashing men [...]