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Blackout parties: how solar and storage made WA farmers the most popular in town

One of Rodney Locke’s solar and storage systems in Western Australia. Since he fitted his property out with renewable energy, friends without it pop round during electricity blackouts. Photograph: Brett Whisson Along the remote southern coastline of Western Australia, the locals have cottoned on to a new, surefire way to keep their beer cold. The energy grid around Esperance and Ravensthorpe is unreliable at the [...]

How The Electric Vehicle Economy Will Win On Price

Google tests a self-driving car prototype in Palo Alto, California. Too many U.S. states, and their electric utilities, think electric vehicles are linked to urgent action on climate change. They see EVs as an environmental solution to a problem that has yet to gain political consensus, at least in the U.S.But they’re wrong: Electric vehicles, like the rest of the products emerging from what I and [...]

Building Sustainable Cities with Public-Private Partnerships

According to the World Bank estimates, financing of $5 trillion per year is required globally for new infrastructure, including healthcare, clean water, transport, and access to energy for all. Given the limitations of government resources, a significant amount of private finance is necessary to fill the gap. Public-private partnerships (PPPs) are seen as a viable modality through which additional resources can be attracted to create [...]