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Upstart Phone Companies Stand Up for Refugees, the Homeless, and the Planet

Most consumers pick their phone company based on which one offers the best reception and the coolest gadget for the lowest cost. But if you want a phone company that supports a 100% progressive mission and offers political transparency, then meet CredoMobile and Sparrowmobile. Credo is an offshoot of Working Assets, which paved the path for businesses blending social mission with profit in 1985. Working [...]

A Brief History of Activism That Has Made a Big Difference in Society

History is shaped through all kinds of activism. All divs have been put onto one line because of whitespace issues when rendered inline in browsers When we reflect on the activists who changed the course of history, we often think of those who showed up and made their presence known: the Civil Rights activists who took to the streets, despite the very real threat of [...]

Big Strike Brewing Against Trump: Coalition of More Than 300,000 Food Workers to Join May Day Showdown

The workers vow to withhold labor on May 1 to protest the Trump administration's "relentless attacks." All divs have been put onto one line because of whitespace issues when rendered inline in browser. A network of more than 300,000 farmworkers, servers, cooks and food-manufacturers, including a large local chain of the Service Employees International Union, is joining a May 1 nationwide strike “to stop the [...]

What You Should Know About Standing Rock Protesters

by Heidi Travis on Monday, Mar 20th, 2017 First-person narrative can be powerful. After a moving chant to drumbeat and self-introductions in their native languages, SXSW panelists Jade Begay, Sarain Carson-Fox, Clayton Thomas Muller and Eryn Wise shared their Standing Rock experiences. (If you’re not familiar with the controversy at Standing Rock and the planned Dakota Access Pipeline, you can read 3p’s coverage here.) Upon finishing his [...]