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Reimagining school to deliver awesome individualized education

Minnesota in July is especially lovely. While 2Rev was there earlier this summer to work with a large cohort of educators in our partnership with the Bush Foundation, we soaked in the explosions of color and shapes in the Hamline University flowerbeds, where our design institute was hosted. The diversity, energy, and beauty we found outside was mirrored inside, amid the teams of educators working to design [...]

What Does It Take to Build Innovative, Integrative Community?

Last summer, 2Rev was one of a handful of organizations invited by the Carnegie Corporation of New York to participate in their Integration Design Consortium (IDC). The purpose of the IDC was to crowd-source root causes of, and potentially innovative solutions to, the challenge of siloization/fragmentation that routinely thwarts faster progress in our communities. (Note to funders: Carnegie’s approach was creative, efficient, and prolific - a good [...]