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Moonlight Grant Writing

What is Moonlight Grant Writing?

We recognize that as a professional grant writer, you may have full time, paid employment. Moonlight Grantwriting allows you to increase your income by applying your talents outside of your full time work. We offer a bounty for the programs NCSI selects to advocate for funding and resources. This bounty is a commission that is a percentage for all money raised through the life of the grant.

Each commission depends on the select project and you’ll receive your percentage within 30 days of when the money is received by the organization that NCSI is helping.

For example, if you’re a grant writer earning $60,000 a year at a leading non-profit, wouldn’t it be great to earn an additional $200,000 by helping one of NCSI’s projects meet its goal. You have the ability to:

  • Earn Extra Income
  • Expand your opportunities
  • Apply your talents to make a greater difference

Are You a Professional Grant Writer Looking to Make Extra Money?

The National Center for Social Impact is proud to provide a way for grant writers to make a greater difference using their talent and skills. Our Moonlight Grant writer program allows you to find, write, and help our select projects earn the funding and resources to make a significant impact in education, careers and community.


Current Opportunities

Community Renewal International

Needs to complete implementation of Friendship House in Anacostia neighborhood of Washington DC. CRI has an incredible record of success rebuilding communities and their resiliency, lowering crime rates, improving property values, and creating great places to live.

Need: $2.5M over 2 years

Bounty: 10% of all funds raised.

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Veterans Fire Crew Program

American YouthWorks is building a fire crew program to train military veterans in wildfire firefighting and get them employed in the field. The program becomes self-sustaining within 3 years. American YouthWorks has an incredible record of creating pathways from National Service to Work, and building this program will continue that tradition.

Need: $775k over 2 years

Bounty: 7.5% of all funds raised.

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