BounceUSA Employment Accelerator Workforce Development Training

$25,000 $23,000

Workforce and Career Development team share a commitment to helping others achieve their potential. The Bounce program delivers innovative train-the-trainer BOLT training for a program proven to significantly improve hiring outcomes for participants with the greatest challenges.


BounceUSA is a global workforce solutions provider delivering licensing for workforce development, education, and social service providers to help them improve employment outcomes. License includes onsite training for up to 10 team members, including all program content and annual support.

Bounce Online LifeSkills Training (BOLT)

Bounce Online LifeSkills Training (BOLT) is a results-driven & experiential life skills training that engages the disengaged, unemployed or underemployed Jobseekers in an innovative online learning format.

The online format is a fast and effective way to provide immediate support to the disengaged, who often face common challenges, such as lack of motivation, lack of communication skills, poor attitude, and no overall career goals. With the flexible five day self-directed learning format, the participant is able to work through these challenges at their own pace to ensure they can walk away with a clear career path and renewed confidence.


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