Feeding Our Growing Population & Nurturing the Skilled Workforce at Land O’Lakes

At Twomentor, we like to share bi-weekly thought leadership from phenomenal executives and social entrepreneurs focused on: a diverse skilled workforce, social impact entrepreneurship, mentoring cultures, sponsorship and elevating women in STEM careers. Beth Ford, COO of Land O’Lakes is the real deal role model and we love how she has found passion + purpose in her work. A skilled food and agriculture workforce is [...]

Will robots make job training (and workers) obsolete? Workforce development in an automating labor market

A great deal of anxiety now exists in the U.S. over the future of jobs in an era of automation. Indeed, there are widespread fears that robots and artificial intelligence (AI) will increasingly perform the tasks currently performed by most Americans, rendering human workers increasingly obsolete over time. Of course, this is not the first time in history that such fears have been expressed. The [...]

Ramesh Ponnuru on the Transfer of Risk to Workers and Their Families

This site is optimized with the Yoast SEO Premium plugin v4.9 - https://yoast.com/wordpress/plugins/seo/ / Yoast SEO Premium plugin. For the first time in 2016, the Institute’s Financial Security Program and Economic Opportunities Program joined forces to present the 2016 Economic Security Summit, which brought together experts in workforce development, labor-market dynamics, income security, consumer finance, savings, and asset development to stimulate new policy ideas aimed [...]

The Great American Fallout: How Small Towns Came to Resent Cities

It’s no secret Donald Trump benefited from rural voters. But Democrat or Republican, they usually tell Katherine Cramer the same thing: it’s the cities that get all the breaks, and then have the gall to look down on them, too. Joe’s voice takes on a mocking tone.“You gotta quit driving!” he says. “Don’t drive as much.” He rolls his eyes and looks around at his pals, a handful of [...]

Apprenticeship Weak: Trump proposal fails to tap into apprenticeship’s potential

Everyone loves apprenticeships (including me) as a basic model for learning work-related skills, but for the most part, policymakers don’t think very hard about why there’s so little apprenticeship in the United States. For that reason, we’re likely to continue talking about how great apprenticeship is but not making significant investments in it. President Trump’s underwhelming plan to expand apprenticeship, unveiled this past week, won’t [...]

Employers Say Work Ethic the Biggest Skills Gap

In College for America’s downloadable eBook,The Liberal Arts at the Office: Addressing the New Skills Gap, Matthew Hora, Assistant Professor of Adult and Higher Education at UW-Madison, discussed a recent survey on the alignment between workforce and postsecondary curriculum.   Hora and his team study what skills employers are looking for and how educational institutions are developing them. They particularly focus on how the skills [...]

4 Priorities for Attracting and Retaining Millennials

By 2020, millennials will make up more than one-third of the global workforce. That means you’ll have to hire millennials. But, multiple surveys have found that millennials are looking for several key qualities in the workplace and are willing to change jobs until they find them. Competitive pay, opportunities for learning, timely feedback, and flexible schedules are the priorities, and businesses need to provide them if [...]

The Coming Paradigm Shift in Competency-Based Education

Competency-based hiring is an approach to talent management that starts with identifying the particular skills required in a role and then prioritizing assessments or credentials that look for those skills. It promises to empower employers to align recruitment around business results, rather than around résumés. On the other hand, competency-based hiring also empowers students, workers, and schools to establish and follow clearer classroom-to-career pathways. As [...]