Wireless Innovation Project Promotes Technology for Good

PathVis is a clever smartphone-based detection platform built to directly detect and help track infectious diseases afflicting over 250 million people world-wide. It has breakthrough technology that’s able to get results in less than 30 minutes, which can provide health organisations with real-time data to decrease costs and increase efficiency in identifying outbreaks and preventing further spread of disease. Now, it has just won the [...]

The Great American Fallout: How Small Towns Came to Resent Cities

It’s no secret Donald Trump benefited from rural voters. But Democrat or Republican, they usually tell Katherine Cramer the same thing: it’s the cities that get all the breaks, and then have the gall to look down on them, too. Joe’s voice takes on a mocking tone.“You gotta quit driving!” he says. “Don’t drive as much.” He rolls his eyes and looks around at his pals, a handful of [...]

Research Shows That Assistance to the Poor Is Negatively Skewed to Race and Location

More holes in the safety net if Trump's budget cuts are enacted. It has been well-documented that America’s social safety net is often too weak and full of holes to help those who most need assistance. A new report reveals even more weaknesses with the government’s cash assistance program. Conducted by the Urban Institute, a think tank focusing on economic and social policy, the study [...]

Healthcare Nightmares Flood Crowdfunding Sites, No End in Sight

Health care’s rising costs spur more to seek help on crowdfunding platforms Crowdfunding first started as way to launch an indie music album or tour, a company or service that had great potential but was shunned by investors, or perhaps fund a documentary with a cutting-edge theme. But as health care costs continue to increase, with more Americans perilously close to financial ruin, sites such [...]

Child Refugees Document Horror Of Fleeing Their Homes Through Powerful Art

Art is providing a powerful emotional outlet for a group of child refugees. Youngsters who have settled in southeast England after fleeing unaccompanied from countries such as Syria, Sudan, Eritrea and Afghanistan have been tackling the trauma of displacement at British Red Cross-backed creative projects. Some of those 14 to 19-years-old will now showcase their works at the free “All I Left Behind, All I [...]

8-Year-Old Nebraska Girl Disqualified From Soccer Tournament Because She Looks Like a Boy

A short-haired girl was disqualified from a Nebraska soccer tournament because organizers thought she looked like a boy. Mili Hernandez is just 8 years old but plays well enough to compete with 11-year-olds for Omaha’s Azzuri Cachorros girls club team, reported WOWT-TV. She helped her team reach the finals over the weekend at the Springfield Soccer Club girls tournament, but Mili and her teammates [...]

GSG Impact Honors Nominations Open

Welcome to the GSG Honors!   The Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG), an independent multilateral catalyzing impact investment and entrepreneurship, invites applications for the 2017 GSG Honors. The awards will be presented at the GSG Impact Summit 2017 in Chicago, July 10-11, 2017. The individual or organizational winners, in four categories, will be flown to Chicago to receive the honors from Sir Ronald [...]

‘Fix-perts’’ Demonstrate the Power of Community to Fix Things

Safety in numbers: repair workshops are social gatherings and aim to give you the confidence to tackle basic jobs yourself. Photograph: Vic Phillips Every year British households chuck out £800-worth of electrical goods, nearly half of which goes straight into landfill. Yet many of those items – as well as wonky bits of furniture – suffer a premature death that could be avoided with a [...]

Millions Of Women In Poverty Can’t Afford Tampons—This Company Is Changing That | Rodale’s Organic Life

Menstrual products aren’t covered by programs like WIC or food stamps, so this new company donates a box for every one you buy. There are plenty of important organizations out there doing great work to give women in need access to food, shelter, job training, and more. But there aren’t many that help them out with another necessity: Menstrual products. For the millions of U.S. women [...]