When Kids Are Held Back, Gains Can Follow

NEW EVIDENCE ON LONG-TERM EFFECTS OF GRADE RETENTION IN THIRD GRADE FINDS SOME GOOD NEWS AMONG THE NUANCE Does repeating a grade help — or hurt — a student’s long-term academic progress? New research from Harvard Graduate School of Education professor Martin West tells a nuanced and evidence-based story about grade retention, finding that — contrary to critics’ fears — repeating third grade does not [...]

4 disruptive education technologies poised to change higher learning

Digital technology disrupted our everyday lives and now it's coming for Higher Education. The most promising innovations aren't mainstream yet. But they will revolutionize the very fabric of learning. moreThey will not only change education contents and the student experience. They will also influence student attraction and student retention. Things are about to get very interesting. These are four disruptive digital technologies poised to disrupt higher [...]

The state of the nation’s social studies educators

During this Independence Day week, we thought we’d take a few minutes to recognize those who have made it possible for us to understand and appreciate it. We’re not referring to the Founding Fathers but rather to the teachers who taught us and continue to teach our kids about history, civics, and other social studies. Social studies occupies a unique place in our conversations about [...]

Closing the Skills Gap: MSSC and Amatrol Launch ’Skill Boss,’ a Major Innovation in Workforce

The Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC), a Washington, D.C-based industry- non-profit, and technical training company Amatrol launched the MSSC CPT + Skill Boss training machine for Certified Production Technicians (CPT) at the 53rd Annual National Leadership and Skills Conference hosted by SkillsUSA. "Manufacturing executives have argued for decades, and still argue, that they need more workers with deeper technical and creative problem-solving skills to be competitive in [...]

How much money people borrow to attend the top 20 US colleges — and how much they earn later on

A college education is a huge investment of both time and money — so it's helpful to know which schools and programs are worth it. With that in mind, Nitro, an online resource that helps incoming college students plan their education financing, examined median student-loan debt and median earnings 10 years after graduation at the top 20 colleges and universities in the US, as ranked by US News and World [...]

Federal Work-Study: Past its prime, or ripe for renewal?

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is on the chopping block: the Trump administration’s recently-released budget summary seeks to cut program funding by nearly 50 percent, from $990 million to $500 million, and to “reform the program to ensure funds go to undergraduate students who would benefit most.”1 Many observers have expressed surprise that the administration would take aim at the program—which seems well-aligned with conservative ideals around [...]

Lessons from the Charter School Disaster in Indianapolis

A teacher in Indiana's thoughts on returning to teaching in the public schools. Indiana has been taken over by the forces of corporate school reform, under a succession of Republican governors devoted to school choice: Mitch Daniels, Mike Pence, now Eric Holcomb. The public schools got a brief respite when educator Glenda Ritz was elected State Commissioner in 2012, but Pence spent four years attacking [...]

The complex contexts behind the rising graduation rate in Los Angeles

In 2011, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) reported a high school graduation rate just over 60 percent, almost 15 percentage points below the national average. The second-largest school district in the United States clearly struggled to serve its students, more than three quarters of whom receive free or reduced-price lunch and over a quarter of whom are English learners. After five years of [...]

Selecting the Right Social-Emotional Learning Program

As the benefits of social-emotional learning (SEL) have become clear, schools have seen a blossoming of programs that aim to equip students with fundamental executive function, emotional, and interpersonal skills. But with so many areas of focus under the SEL umbrella, how can system leaders choose which program will be effective in their specific settings? For the first time, a new guide takes a deep [...]