Kiva hits $1B in crowdfunded loans

On Monday, Kiva, the platform dedicated to social lending for social good, surpassed $1 billion in loans on its online platform. More than 1.6 million donors lending $25 dollars at a time have helped 2.4 million people launch and expand their businesses, complete their education or pursue other opportunities for themselves and their communities. As the San Francisco-based nonprofit organization looks toward the next billion, [...]

19 U.S. Aquariums Join Forces to Fight Plastic Water Pollution

To that end, 19 aquariums across the U.S. say they are joining forces to raise awareness and push society into finding innovative alternatives to single-use plastics. The “In Our Hands” initiative aims to educate consumers about a wide range of tactics they can adopt to stop the growth in plastic waste that has occurred worldwide since the early 1960s. Some of the answers include using [...]

Protecting North American Pollinators: Companies at Work

We depend on pollinators like bees and other insects more than we realize. They help pollinate almost 75 percent of our crops, including most fruits and vegetables. Without them, we would have little to eat. Pollination by US honey bees in 2010 contributed to more than $19 billion worth of crops, and pollination by other insect pollinators contributed to almost $10 billion of crops the [...]

Meet the Out-of-Work

Even in the midst of a prolonged economic expansion with a low national unemployment rate, jobs are not always available and not everyone who wants work can find it. Both job availability and demographics vary markedly around the country, yielding diverse local populations wanting and/or needing work. This analysis aims to deepen understanding of out-of-work Americans, and support local officials in their efforts to help [...]

Reverse Mentoring at Pershing Results in 96% Millennial Retention

Today we caught up with Millennial mentors Kayla Flaten, a Vice President of Pershing a BNY Mellon Company and David Lake, Senior Associate. They shared how Millennials are mentoring the top leaders and what it was like for both of them to personally mentoring Mark Tibergien, CEO of Pershing Advisor Solutions who joined us with his experience as a mentee. Disclaimer: We kinda fell in [...]

Will Impact Investors Embrace Employee-Owned Companies?

For social entrepreneurs concerned about growing income inequality in the U.S. and around the world, one way to spread the wealth is through employee ownership. With that in mind, you’d think impact investors would be clamoring to invest in such companies. Not so much. Still, according to a new report, while impact investors have yet to embrace the field wholeheartedly, there’s at least some interest [...]

How the World Wildlife Fund Stops Deforestation Worldwide with Corporate Engagement

The factors behind deforestation are complicated, and the tactics necessary to halt it vary by location to location. But for over 25 years, one of WWF’s success stories has been the Global Forest and Trade Network (GFTN), which the NGO says connects over 200 companies, communities and government agencies in over 30 countries. This collaboration has a long history of results, which are necessary as [...]

How Mindfulness Can Help You Be a Better Sustainability Leader

In today’s world, how you do a job is just as important as what you do. This is especially true for those in positions of influence within the sustainability impact sector. Herding cats through a complex change process while maintaining the bottom line? You’re going to need super-human levels of focus, calm and empathy. Our ability to align our intellectual intelligence with our emotional intelligence [...]

Companies Report Highest Talent Shortage Since 2007

Employers Look to Develop Their Own Workforces to Fill In-Demand Roles Forty percent of employers globally report difficulties filling jobs due to lack of available talent. The Number of Employers Training and Developing Existing Employees to Fill Open Positions has Doubled from 1 in 5 to Over Half. More employers than ever are filling talent gaps by training and developing their own people [...]