Action Alert: Eliminating National Service to Work is Not an Option

There’s a lot on the line right now. With continued reports of widespread cuts to critical programs — like AmeriCorps — we’re competing for our policymakers’ attention. It is more important than ever to make your voice heard to protect national service.

Will you pick up the phone and tell Congress to protect national service and AmeriCorps?

I know we have faced challenges in the past but this is different. Federal investments are under a microscope and being scrutinized like never before. Over the past week, we generated thousands of emails and calls to Congress, but I’ll be honest — it’s not enough. We must keep the momentum going if we want to break through. We have to continue to make the case for national service.

You and I both know that national service is one of the most American experiences there is. It has the power to bring people together from diverse backgrounds and unite our country — something that is needed now more than ever. We should be expanding — not eliminating — national service so every young person has the opportunity to serve.

Pick up the phone and call Congress right now. Tell them to LET US SERVE and invest in national service.

Take Action to save AmeriCorps!

We can’t let up now.

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