Video: Act Out! – How To Create Activists & How To Stop Protests & #SaveTheInternet 2.0

This week on Act Out!, we take a look at 12 bills, filings, laws and proposals that have been brought forward to directly curtail our access to free speech, press and the right to petition our government – a.k.a. the First Amendment. In this special segment, we lay out the vehemently anti-dissident ideas popping up in state legislatures all over the country. From hit-and-run laws to getting put in jail for laughing, asset seizure for attending a protest and a $1 million fine for organizing a direct action, these creeping authoritarian-style moves are directly made to intimidate, silence and destroy those fighting for justice.

Interestingly enough, much in the same way that bombing innocent people only creates more terrorists, throwing down a gavel against protesters will only create more. The really efficient way to get your freeways unblocked and your streets unclogged is to listen to the demands of people who want clean air and clean water; who want to stop being killed because of the color of their skin. These basic human rights are non-negotiable and no amount of legalese will stop people from fighting for them.

Also on the front lines, we take a look at the fight for Net Neutrality 2.0. You may recall that Net Neutrality prevailed two years ago, and yet here we are again having to resurrect the fight for an open, accessible internet. While this issue may not sound particularly sexy or interesting, this fight is absolutely vital for our 21st century way of life – be it applying for jobs, doing homework, making appointments, or accessing information that, unlike TV, hasn’t been filtered through corporate America before it reaches you. This is the fight right – this week. And this is how you can get involved.










Source: Act Out! [112] – How To Create Activists & How To Stop Protests + #SaveTheInternet 2.0

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