Retaining minority teachers in schools where most of their colleagues are white

Minorities continue to be largely underrepresented among elementary and secondary teachers relative to the racial and ethnic composition of the nation’s student body, and tend to be concentrated in urban, high-minority schools. This means that many nonwhite or Hispanic students who attend schools with few minority teachers lack valuable role models. Many studies find that minority students experience greater test score gains across a variety [...]

More Evidence That Inequality Is Spiraling Out of Control

Inequality is much worse than we’re led to believe by a dismissive business media. The numbers are hellish, and they’re growing. 1. THE EXTREME WEALTH GAP IS STILL EXPANDING The U.S. has gained $30 trillion in wealth since 2008, about half of it in the stock market, much of the remainder in real estate holdings. Based on prior analyses, data from Credit Suisse and Forbes, and recent work by [...]

Does Labor Market Information Actually Make a Difference?

The Workforce Information Advisory Council (WIAC), a group that Congress established via the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 (WIOA) to make recommendations about the workforce and labor market information (LMI) systems at the state and federal levels and advise the Secretary of Labor on these issues. This group just released a new report, Challenges and Opportunities in Workforce and Labor Market Information, which examines [...]

Reimagining school to deliver awesome individualized education

Minnesota in July is especially lovely. While 2Rev was there earlier this summer to work with a large cohort of educators in our partnership with the Bush Foundation, we soaked in the explosions of color and shapes in the Hamline University flowerbeds, where our design institute was hosted. The diversity, energy, and beauty we found outside was mirrored inside, amid the teams of educators working to design [...]

What Does It Take to Build Innovative, Integrative Community?

Last summer, 2Rev was one of a handful of organizations invited by the Carnegie Corporation of New York to participate in their Integration Design Consortium (IDC). The purpose of the IDC was to crowd-source root causes of, and potentially innovative solutions to, the challenge of siloization/fragmentation that routinely thwarts faster progress in our communities. (Note to funders: Carnegie’s approach was creative, efficient, and prolific - a good [...]

How Food Assembly Created a Sustainable, Community-driven Food Sharing System in Europe

The first "Ruche," or Food Assembly, took place in La Fauga, France, near the city of Toulouse, in September 2011 and took off from there. It was a space where consumers could meet food producers and pick up produce that they had previously ordered online. Since then, it has grown into a robust network of independently operated farmers' markets organized via an online platform. The timing [...]

The Future of Work: Seats2Meet’s Innovative Model for Freelancers to Connect and Collaborate

Back in 2014, I stood at the entrance to Seats2Meet's flagship coworking space in Utrecht, Netherlands, and stared at a flat panel display showing all the names of all the people working there and their skills in real time. Ronald van den Hoff, Seats2Meet's president and co-founder, explained that anyone could work for free in a Seats2Meet space as long as they agreed to help [...]

This Organization Wants to Create A Thousand Bernie Sanders. Here’s How. |

THE BERNIE TRIBE For the tens of thousands of people who poured their sweat and tears into the Bernie Sanders campaign, the last year has been a woeful one. Sanders was tantalizingly close to winning the Democratic presidential primary, despite having the establishment stacked against him. And then what many of those people said during the primary came true: while Bernie could have beaten Trump, [...]

Register Now for the Voices for National Service’s Capitol Hill Day

Register now for Voices for National Service's Capitol Hill Day 2017 on Tuesday, September 12. As you know, Congress is debating the fiscal year 2018 budget and in September, the Senate will be working on the national service funding bill. Our Capitol Hill Day on September 12th provides the perfect opportunity to educate Congress on the impact national service members have in their home communities [...]

Maine Opens Nominations for Senior-Friendly Employer Awards

The Silver Collar Employer Award honors employers whose policies and practices match the needs of mature employees, capturing their skills and experience, strong work ethic, flexibility and enthusiasm. Do you know of a senior-friendly business? Is your business a great place for seniors to work? The State Workforce Board’s Older Worker Committee has opened nominations for 2017’s best employers for workers over the age of [...]