GSG Impact Honors Nominations Open

Welcome to the GSG Honors!   The Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG), an independent multilateral catalyzing impact investment and entrepreneurship, invites applications for the 2017 GSG Honors. The awards will be presented at the GSG Impact Summit 2017 in Chicago, July 10-11, 2017. The individual or organizational winners, in four categories, will be flown to Chicago to receive the honors from Sir Ronald [...]

‘Fix-perts’’ Demonstrate the Power of Community to Fix Things

Safety in numbers: repair workshops are social gatherings and aim to give you the confidence to tackle basic jobs yourself. Photograph: Vic Phillips Every year British households chuck out £800-worth of electrical goods, nearly half of which goes straight into landfill. Yet many of those items – as well as wonky bits of furniture – suffer a premature death that could be avoided with a [...]

Millions Of Women In Poverty Can’t Afford Tampons—This Company Is Changing That | Rodale’s Organic Life

Menstrual products aren’t covered by programs like WIC or food stamps, so this new company donates a box for every one you buy. There are plenty of important organizations out there doing great work to give women in need access to food, shelter, job training, and more. But there aren’t many that help them out with another necessity: Menstrual products. For the millions of U.S. women [...]

Explainer: the rise of social impact investing

Impact investing emerged in 2007 out of global discussions on how to mobilise more capital to tackle societal problems. Governments, communities and industries are grappling with issues such as climate change, inequality and social justice – and how to mobilise more funding to tackle these issues. One possible solution is impact investing. Impact investments are designed to achieve a measurable social/environmental return and a financial [...]

The “Magical Space” Where Technology Increases Impact

SSIR x Bridgespan: Achieving Transformative Scale Achieving Transformative Scale is an article series exploring pathways that social sector leaders around the world are pursuing to take solutions that work to a scale that truly transforms society. When I arrived as CEO at HopeLab, which develops health technology products with a focus on kids and young adults, one of the organization’s main goals was to develop [...]

Winners of the First-Annual UPTOGOOD Social Impact Film Festival Announced!

The first-annual UPTOGOOD Impact Film Festival was thrilled to announce their two winners and six runner ups, out of 356 student submissions, at the UPTOGOOD Social Impact Film Festival Awards ceremony on Saturday, April 22nd in Los Angeles. All eight finalists were awarded prizes designed to help the winners expand their campaigns and increase their visibility. “The immense diversity of applicants in this festival prove that there [...]

Introducing The Good Cards, An Interactive Gaming App Helping Keep The Pay It Forward Movement Alive

With The Good Cards, the real aim is to unite current Dreamers, awaken dormant Dreamers and inspire non-dreamers to find their faith in humanity and become Dreamers too. This is all made possible through the simplest of processes. Here’s how it works:   By ordering your card online, a biodegradable one of course, you automatically enter the game. After receiving your card, you scan the [...]

Meet Swell, A New Social Impact Investing Platform For Conscious Investors

  Pacific Life’s incubator startup, Swell, has officially launched! The new social impact investing platform provides consumers the opportunity in invest in various conscious investment projects focused on six positive future categories: Green Technology, Renewable Energy, Zero Waste, Clean Water, Healthy Living and Disease Eradication. With as little as $500, Swell is aiding consumers with opportunities to invest in platforms that aims to deliver profit [...]

Employers Say Work Ethic the Biggest Skills Gap

In College for America’s downloadable eBook,The Liberal Arts at the Office: Addressing the New Skills Gap, Matthew Hora, Assistant Professor of Adult and Higher Education at UW-Madison, discussed a recent survey on the alignment between workforce and postsecondary curriculum.   Hora and his team study what skills employers are looking for and how educational institutions are developing them. They particularly focus on how the skills [...]