Engaging Workforce Development: A Framework for Meeting Community Reinvestment Act Obligations

  “Dallas Fed research shows that levels of educational attainment are highly correlat-ed with employment rates and income levels. Unfortunately, educational attainment levels in Texas are lagging, particularly for the fastest-growing demographic groups— blacks and Hispanics. It’s not just about who is left behind; it’s about leaving the economy behind. Texas high school graduates earn 33 percent more, on average, than those who don’t finish [...]

‘Granny Pods’ Offer a Tiny Home Alternative for Senior Citizens

At less than 300 square feet, the granny pod promises to keep that elderly parent nearWondering where you may live when you are well past retirement age? Virginia-based MEDCottage says it has a potential solution: the “granny pod,” which can best be described as a “tiny house” for senior citizens, an alternative to assisted living. We don’t know if urban areas will truly become “smart [...]

NCRC Background

“It really doesn’t matter what state applicants may live in ... I know they are taking the identical standardized test, given in the same kind of proctored environment, and the credential is absolutely portable nationwide.” Susan Adams, director of human resources, ABLE Manufacturing & Assembly, Joplin, Missouri “As a long-term user of this kind of testing, I’ve been able to travel the state and say, ‘Hey, [...]

How Companies Can Lead on Anti-Deforestation Efforts

Procter & Gamble says well managed and sustainable forests are better for the environment – and its bottom lineJoin Procter & Gamble, Charmin, Forest Stewardship Council US, Domtar, Rainforest Alliance, and TriplePundit on April 28th – Arbor Day! – at 9am PT / Noon ET on Twitter at #ForestryChat. We’ll discuss the current landscape of responsible forestry management in the United States – and how you [...]

World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders, Class of 2017

The World Economic Forum is now in its 47th year. It’s famous for its annual summit in Davos attended by luminaries in multiple industries. But It is also known for selecting and bringing together a yearly community of over 800 Young Global Leaders (YGL)—enterprising and socially-minded men and women, all under the age of 40. They are brought together to collaborate and encourage each other to [...]

In ‘Captured,’ People In Prison Draw The ‘People Who Should Be’

Charles and David Koch are the CEO and VP of Koch Industries, respectively. Joseph Acker is an incarcerated artist currently serving a 10-year sentence. Acker doesn’t know the Koch brothers personally, but he drew them as part of a project called “Captured.” Started by Jeff Greenspan and Andrew Tider in 2016, “Captured” attempts to shine a spotlight on what its creators deem are “crimes masquerading as [...]

Forced Labor Still Looms in IT, Food and Beverages

A child laborer in China.When it comes to the use of slavery and other forms of forced labor in the garment industry, consumers aren’t afraid to voice their objections. And according to a new report by KnowTheChain, that advocacy has been instrumental in reducing the use of forced labor in the industry.  Companies like HP and Adidas have heard the condemnations loud and clear and [...]

America’s Second-Largest School District Says No to McDonald’s McTeacher’s Nights

The Los Angeles Unified School District adopted a resolution to end the kid-targeted marketing of junk food. In a victory for public health, the board of the Los Angeles Unified School District, the second-largest school district in the country, adopted a resolution to end McDonald’s McTeacher’s Nights this April. The resolution comes as millions of parents, educators and health professionals call on junk food corporations to stop kid-targeted marketing. [...]

100% Renewable Energy: If L’Oreal Can Do It, So Can You

Despite the sharp political divide between renewable energy and fossil fuel advocates, so-called “red” states are emerging as wind and solar leaders in the U.S. That’s a significant development because it provides more flexibility for companies that are looking for opportunities to decarbonize. They can search right-leaning states as well as left-leaning ones for clean energy investments while taking advantage of workforce, logistics, supply chain [...]

Monsanto Has Violated the Basic Human Right to a Healthy Environment and Food

Judges at The Hague called on international lawmakers to hold corporations like Monsanto accountable. "Most opinion tribunals have had a considerable impact, and it is now accepted that they contribute to the progressive development of international law." —International Monsanto Tribunal Advisory Opinion, The Hague, April 18, 2017 On Tuesday, April 18, representatives of the Organic Consumers Association and our Regeneration International project gathered in The Hague, Netherlands, [...]