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A Hidden History How African American’s Built the Nation’s Greatest Natural Treasures

In 1933, at the peak of the Great Depression, the overall unemployment rate in the United States was well over 20 percent. African Americans were hit hardest, experiencing an unemployment rate two to three times that of white Americans. In these desperate times, President Franklin D. Roosevelt created the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC): a federal work relief program that, from 1933 until 1942, put 3 million unemployed young [...]

Vote to get these Philly panels focused on social impact at SXSW 2018

Philly and its tech community has had a growing presence at the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) tech, music and culture conference in Austin. Last year, even Mayor Jim Kenney showed his support by attending the conference and later touching on how “tech has to be part of the conversation,” and that goes for many of the issues surrounding the city. Well, our mayor is now [...]

Becoming A Benefit Corporation Is Complicated: This Startup Wants To Help

react-text: 283 When Anand Kulkarni was birthing his new startup, Crowdbotics, nine months ago, he knew it had to be a public benefit corporation (PBC). He wanted the business to make money. But he also wanted to make sure the company’s workers, customers, and community would be treated fairly. By setting up as a PBC–a legal designation that requires businesses to do right by their stakeholders as [...]

This Pizzeria Makes Blue Corn Pizza And Gives Homeless Youth A Second Chance

Before launching Pixza, which he describes as “a social empowerment platform disguised as a pizzeria,” two years ago, Alejandro Souza graduated college and founded a joint business and language training institute in Rwanda. He traveled to Uganda to develop a system by which peanut farmers could increase both yield and revenue; later on, he helped the Bhutanese Ministry of Education develop a way to measure the [...]

This Company Makes Social Good Campaigns Go Viral For Bigger Impact

Earlier this year, the World Wildlife Fund faced a strange promotional paradox: On March 25th from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. Eastern time, the group honored Earth Hour Day, a campaign asking people and companies around the world turn off their lights at the same time in support of actions against climate change. When photographed from above, the effect of entire cities going dim is remarkable, [...]

For better learning in college lectures, lay down the laptop and pick up a pen

Do computers help or hinder classroom learning in college? Step into any college lecture and you’ll find a sea of students with laptops and tablets open, typing as the professor speaks. With their enhanced ability to transcribe content and look up concepts on the fly, are students learning more from lecture than they were in the days of paper and pen? A growing body of [...]

Retaining minority teachers in schools where most of their colleagues are white

Minorities continue to be largely underrepresented among elementary and secondary teachers relative to the racial and ethnic composition of the nation’s student body, and tend to be concentrated in urban, high-minority schools. This means that many nonwhite or Hispanic students who attend schools with few minority teachers lack valuable role models. Many studies find that minority students experience greater test score gains across a variety [...]

More Evidence That Inequality Is Spiraling Out of Control

Inequality is much worse than we’re led to believe by a dismissive business media. The numbers are hellish, and they’re growing. 1. THE EXTREME WEALTH GAP IS STILL EXPANDING The U.S. has gained $30 trillion in wealth since 2008, about half of it in the stock market, much of the remainder in real estate holdings. Based on prior analyses, data from Credit Suisse and Forbes, and recent work by [...]

Does Labor Market Information Actually Make a Difference?

The Workforce Information Advisory Council (WIAC), a group that Congress established via the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 (WIOA) to make recommendations about the workforce and labor market information (LMI) systems at the state and federal levels and advise the Secretary of Labor on these issues. This group just released a new report, Challenges and Opportunities in Workforce and Labor Market Information, which examines [...]