The National Center for Social Impact was founded in 2016 to bring together the best and brightest organizations, teams, innovators, social entrepreneurs, and individuals to work together to share best practices, learn from each other, provide support, leadership, and community to help make a positive social impact.

Our mission is to help everyone achieve their potential in education, employment, and community. We do this through our engagement with customers to design, lead, and manage their critical initiatives. Our high performance approach ensures that we maintain focus on satisfying primary stakeholders by introducing new resources and organizational changes, building and redesigning business processes, and creating a culture of continuous innovation.

We advocate for select projects and engage with national, state, and local leaders to develop effective policies to promote advancements in improved competency-based education, better bridges between education to employment, improved career opportunities, and increased community resiliency.

We are committed to helping connect the best social impact products and services with our members. Through volume discounting, NCSI negotiates best prices to help organizations direct resources to improved service outcomes. While we offer discounts and savings to all, our members benefit from maximum discounts on leading-edge solutions.

NCSI’s work builds upon over 25 years leading high visibility, high impact projects. Making a positive impact on the lives of millions of people: students, parents, job seekers, employers, underserved youth, ex-offenders, and those seeking opportunities to achieve their potential – NCSI delivers results integrating innovative human-centered design with agile technologies.

Professional Services

Engage NCSI to design, lead, and manage your initiatives. With over 20 years of experience leading programs and projects in global, federal, state, and local solutions, the NCSI team ensures that you meet and exceed your commitments and expectations.

We use human-centered design and work side-by-side with our clients to co-create a better path to sustained success. Our highly disciplined teams lead programs and projects, making sure that business and project goals are achieved – on time, to specification, and within budget. And we craft every solution to maximize agility, ensure continuous innovation and prevent traditional “drift to low performance” shortcomings.

We look forward to having you engage us to work together to make a better impact.

Advocacy and Efficacy

The National Center for Social Impact chooses select projects to advocate for funding and resources through our network of connections in business, philanthropy, and government. We choose projects based on the following criteria:

  • Measurable Impact
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Organizational Readiness

For those with which we are not able to advocate, watch for the NCSI social impact crowdfunding platform in Early 2017 to help you gain maximum exposure and resources.

Submit your project for consideration to

NCSI Marketplace

The NCSI Marketplace provides a social impact platform to help organizations save time and money while improving business outcomes. Our members recommend products and services that they have found to be effective in helping them achieve improved outcomes. NCSI vets each product recommendation through reference checks and testimonials. Whenever possible we include these testimonials in the product descriptions. We also allow members to comment on products and services.

NCSI negotiates with vendors for best pricing through volume discounts. As a result, we are able to offer discounts to all through the marketplace as well as higher discounts to our members.

Our mission is to deliver an integrated social impact platform. To achieve this, we work with product and service vendors to ensure that the products and services included in NCSI marketplace integrate out-of-the-box with each other to deliver single sign-on, integration with existing systems, and system-to-system API’s for electronic data exchange.

NCSI Marketplace customers can purchase directly via credit card, purchase order, check, Amazon, and PayPal – all through a secure connection.

Share your product recommendation with us so we may consider it for the Marketplace. It provides the opportunity for others to learn from your best practices.

Visit the NCSI Marketplace to review and purchase products.


Our incredible experience with over 25 years of experience leading high profile, award-winning, and difference making initiatives in social innovation, workforce development, higher education, reconnecting youth, economic development, labor market research, education design, business strategy, and innovation brings the world’s leading innovators to help you produce significantly better results.

We are here to make a difference. NCSI uses an agile innovation methodology to help our customers achieve high impact results in a fraction of the time.

We welcome you to NCSI and look forward to helping you achieve your mission, and by creating an environment where all voices can be heard, and we can work together for greater social impact.

NCSI Team Members’ Engagements

Below are examples of high impact programs led by NCSI team members:

  • USAJOBS – the Award-Winning Official Federal Government Career Site

  • StudentJobs – the Official Federal Government Student Job Site

  • OhioMeansJobs – The Career Site for the State of Ohio

  • Ohio Virtual Prison Career Center – Helping Inmates Gain Employment

  • OhioMeansVets – Online Portal to help Veterans choose careers in Ohio

  • WorkOne Indy – Improving Career Opportunities for Indianapolis Job Seekers

  • Helmets to Hardhats – Helping Veterans Gain Careers in Construction

  • JobCorps – Improving Pathways for Corps Graduates to Employment

  • CEO Green Accelerator – Helping West Virginia Move Beyond Coal

  • National Health Service Corps – Improving Opportunities for NHSC Participants

  • USDA Academy – the Nation’s Hallmark Internship Experience

  • Disaster Relief – Helping Dislocated Workers, Reconstruction Workers, and Volunteers

  • Military Transition Assistance Program (TAP) – Re-engineering the TAP process for the 21st century

  • SERCO Welfare to Work – Creating pathways for hard to employ to successfully enter the workplace.

  • Maryland Military Family (MilFamily) – Building a More Effective Career Center to Aid the Military Experience

  • Pathways to Prosperity – providing online career tools and opportunities to hard to employ in 5 locations across the U.S.

  • Employer Partnership of the Armed Forces – engaging the nation’s leading companies to create pathways for military veterans

  • KIX – Kentucky Indiana Exchange – helping create a talent and economic magnet for the region

  • STEMPower – bringing together students, education, workforce, economic development, business, and job seekers to improve STEM performance in Massachusetts

  • BioWorks Place – promoting biotechnology and career opportunities in the Memphis region.

  • VA For Vets – Helping the Veterans Administration attract Veterans to careers in the VA.

  • VetSuccess – Helping Veterans achieve their potential with employers looking to hire Vets

  • Riverside Youth Career Center – Building an online career solution designed by youth for youth to improve career interest, skills, and opportunities

  • New Options New Mexico – helping chronically unemployed to gain skills and full employment

  • Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Career Hub – Promoting career opportunities in healthcare information technology

  • Kentucky Manufacturing – identifying labor market supply and demand for the region with strategic plan to improve regional competitiveness

  • US Government Senior Executive Service – engaging senior executives to help U.S. federal government be more responsive at times of need.

  • What Business Needs – St. Louis – Helping engage education and business to identify what talent business needs to develop more responsive education-to-employment pathways

  • Power Job Seeker Workshops – Teaching job seekers the new rules of the game to achieving their career potential in a 21st century marketplace

“People come to us with high expectations. It is not enough to meet expectations. Meeting expectations is what is expected. We should strive to exceed those high expectations for that is what is truly needed.”
“We simply must choose each day to live & invest our lives in LOVE & not in the world of decay.”